Shaker Maze is spicing up shows across North America.

Now taking bookings for 2015.

Voted #1 Family Interactive Exhibit 2012/2013.

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We use them everyday, without thinking much about them but there is a huge and diverse history to Salt and Pepper shakers!

Everything from novelty items to advertised products to beloved cartoon characters, animals, wonders of the world, famous people and thousands of other subjects, all presented as condiments.

The Shaker Maze is interesting and unique, holding thousands of beautiful, funny, intricately designed, valuable and quirky duos.

Come see for yourself what thousands of Salt and Pepper shakers look like standing side by side. Get lost for a little while in the maze where every pair tells a story, shows a point in time and grabs your attention. Before you know it you will be smiling reminiscing about Grandma’s dining room table, or your Mother’s pantry or a beloved Disney figure from when you were little!

This maze will make you feel good, make you remember things from your past and make you marvel at the intricate set up that displays all of these interesting tiny pieces of art.

Look how much fun these kids are having!

Look how much fun these kids are having!

Spreading happiness across North America